My name is Markus Schumacher

    I am born on 02.04.1977 in Moenchengladbach.
    After some years in the kindergarten and in the primary school Wegberg Beeck I came in 1987 to High School, in addition, this school has seen me only some years. Afterwards I began training as the communication electronics engineer field information technology and locked 3.5 years later.

From January 1999 I am employed as PC and network technician at the
company CSB SYSTEM AG in Geilenkirchen.

On 30 of December 2003 I married my Latinka.

My largest hobby is the computer and the things, which
you can realize with these devices. For this reason I began to
arrange this homepage. With the help of some Tipps and the conviction
that this is nevertheless not at all so difficult,
I came to the end and a substantial page was created.
Meanwhile I arranged several sides and I think that they are ok.

Hey! Take a look on my sides
Mail me, what to create in a better way or what is to change.
 I am open for each criticism, naturally also for each praise.

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